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Approved for Release: Micatu GridView™ Voltage and Current Sensors Reviewed by NYSP2I for Performance and Accuracy
The New York State Pollution Prevention Institute (NYSP2I), at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), in partnership with Clarkson University (Clarkson), evaluated Micatu, Inc.’s GridView™ sensor performance with respect to industry standard medium voltage and current sensors. This project was supported by the NYSP2I through its Green Technology Accelerator Center (GTAC). NYSP2I at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), worked together with Clarkson University (Clarkson) to support Micatu with an independent evaluation of the performance of their GridView™ system. “Micatu engaged the resources of NYSP2I team to provide us with a wholly independent empirical review of our "all optical" sensor for medium voltage (MV) and current measurements. Finding a "world class" organization with the technical skills and measurement capabilities to provide an accurate, non biased, non-affiliated review of our "GridView™" sensor performance against a reference standard, was a challenge. As a result, Micatu is well on its way to helping utilities become more efficient and to reduce GHG emissions,” stated Michael Oshetski - Micatu's CEO.
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December 30, 2016 - Micatu Wins New York State Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) grant of $1 million for expansion in the Southern Tier. Micatu was recently awarded a $1 million grant from the Empire State Development Grants Program to help facilitate the move. State officials require an estimate of how many jobs will be created before awarding grants, and Micatu came up with a projection of 79 new jobs. That's a very conservative estimate, according to Chief Operating Officer Michael Jagielski. "This is the equivalent of Silicon Valley East. We create high-tech jobs for our kids here," Jagielski said.
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Approved for Release: Micatu Grand Prize Winner of $1 Million in 76West CleanTech Business Competition
Approved for Release: December 1, 2016: Micatu awarded Grand Prize of $1 Million in 76West Clean Energy Business Competition. Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul and President of Binghamton University, Harvey Stenger presented Micatu's CEO with award. Micatu beat out 175 companies from 9 countries to win this coveted award for clean energy technology. Micatu demonstrated an all optical measurement system that makes the "smart grid", smarter allowing utilities to match output to end user demand saving millions of dollars in energy costs and significantly reducing CO2 and green house gas emissions.
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