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Approved for Release: Micatu Formally Awarded NYSERDA PON 3026 “Electric Power Transmission and Distribution (EPTD), Smart Grid Program”

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Horseheads, NY, August 8, 2016 — Micatu Inc., provider of next generation optical based sensors for the utility and wind turbine industries, announced today that they have been formally awarded a NYSERDA PON (Program Opportunity Notice) No. 3026, for “Electric Power Transmission and Distribution (EPTD), Smart Grid”.  The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, known as NYSERDA, promotes energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources through research and engineering studies, product development and demonstration projects that improve the resiliency, reliability, efficiency, quality, and overall performance of the electric power delivery system in New York State.  The primary objective of  PON 3026, is to promote the development of the “Smart Grid” that accommodates a diverse supply of generation resources, enhances overall grid performance and enables customers to reduce costs, energy consumption, and environmental impacts.


“Micatu is once again, pleased to be developing advanced technologies that help support NYS Clean Power initiatives. The Micatu technology, called “Gridview Optical Solutions”, leverages the next generation of advanced optical sensor technologies for the purposes of precisely measuring voltage and current, providing Utilities with a more effective way to match distribution demand with power generation stated Michael Oshetski, CEO of Micatu, Inc.”  “In New York State annually, Utilities overproduce almost 1.3 million kWh that produce 1,045 Metric tons of CO2 that are attributable to power distribution grid losses.  When you look at the numbers globally, they’re staggering  he added”. 

“We essentially make the “Smart Grid” a whole lot smarter said Mike Jagielski – Micatu’s Chief Operating Officer”. By more accurately measuring the distribution grid, we lay the groundwork for helping Utilities optimize the Smart Grid, through voltage reduction applications”.  “For every 1% in voltage reduction, there is a corresponding 1% increase in energy savings for the Utility that benefits both the Utility as well as the consumer”.  “This technology also significantly helps Utilities meet legislative mandates, such as the EPA Clean Power Plan (2015) and the DOE’s Grid 2030, while positioning Micatu as the only pure optics play in this space”.   

Micatu’s world class engineering team is led by Dr. Atul Pradhan and Kris Walker, who collectively have over 70+ years of combined experience in electro-optical engineering.  “Being in the optics corridor of New York State is a distinct advantage to our business” said Dr. Pradhan.  “Nowhere is such a confluence of people, technology, companies and institutions (both public and private) all working together in a collaborative manner to help solve each others problems” he added.  Kris Walker,  Micatu’s Director of Engineering added yet another viewpoint. “Micatu has accomplished more in it’s 5 year history, than anyone else I know in the industry”.  “That speaks volumes to what can be accomplished in a high-tech, high growth, collaborative, entrepreneurial environment”.      

About Micatu:  Micatu, Inc. provides sensors that fundamentally change the way the world senses with light. We revolutionize optical sensor technologies that provide next generation measurement capabilities in the areas of smart grid, wind, power, distribution, navigation and aerospace. For more information, please visit us on the web at: www.micatu.com.

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