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Next Generation Optical Sensors: Measuring The Future

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Approved for Release: Micatu’s CEO to Present at the 2016 Annual NFOC Communications Conference 

Horseheads, NY, July 22, 2016 — Micatu, Inc. provider of next generation optical based sensors for the utility and wind turbine industry, announced today that they have been invited to speak at the annual NFOC Communications Conference.  Michael Oshetski, Micatu’s CEO will be hosting a Presentation entitled “Next Generation Optical Sensors: Measuring The Future” and will showcase the latest advancements in new applications for optical technologies in the sensor space.  

“The traditional applications for fiber optics are communications based.  Micatu created a new industry by fundamentally changing the way the world senses with light” stated Michael Oshetski – Micatu’s CEO.  ” Next generation optical smart sensors, provide not only high accuracy (< ± 0.5%), but near unlimited harmonic bandwidth and unsaturated transient measurement of both voltage and current. This enables power utilities to more accurately match generation and demand providing a net savings for energy providers and consumers as well as a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions” he added. 

“Developers of innovative sensors attracted $3.4 billion, or nearly 80% of the $4.3 billion funding for sensor modules over the past decade, underlining their importance in the fast-emerging Internet of Things (IoT) market” stated Mike Jagielski – Micatu’s Chief Operating Officer.  “This positions Micatu to be out front of the innovation curve for IoT adoption and deployment.” 

 The NFOC Communications Conference showcases the latest equipment and advances in the fiber optic, telecom, DAS/Wireless, and broadband technology industries. The Conference attracts world-class manufacturers, distributors and industry professionals from across the nation, and features a multitude of product demonstrations, hands-on training and professionally presented learning sessions.

NFOC 2016 is a Two Day Conference, starting with exhibitor hours and a Networking Reception on Wednesday, September 21st from 4-7 p.m. The Conference continues on Thursday, September 22nd with a full day of training sessions and additional exhibitor floor hours from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  The NFOC Confernce will be at the Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, NY 13478.


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